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Subject Area: Legal Writing

Sinsheimer, Brostoff, and Burkoff's Legal Writing: A Contemporary Approach

By: Ann Sinsheimer, Teresa Kissane Brostoff, Nancy M. Burkoff
ISBN: 9780314906724

This new Legal Writing textbook guides first year law students and those new to legal writing through the thinking and writing process used in the legal profession. It builds skills gradually and introduces students to reading and briefing cases, gathering facts using various methods, drafting memoranda and client communications, and writing for the court. This book covers both predictive and persuasive writing in a way that is accessible to students. Students will also learn to edit their work and the work of others for style and substance.

The text gives examples for students to use as models and has many interactive exercises through which students can test their newly acquired skills. The online text has links to the cases that students will need, definitions, videos, and exercises to help them hone their writing skills. In addition to learning about written documents and how to communicate in the U.S. common law system, students will also learn about civil law traditions through the comparative exercises included in this text. In addition to this international perspective, the text addresses ways to stay focused and reduce stress during law school and in legal careers through the concept of mindful lawyering. Examples in writing and on video showing how judges and lawyers stay focused and mindful are linked in the text. Students should enjoy working with this material and the online components of the text and will benefit from the unique features this text offers.

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More About The Authors
Ann Sinsheimer

Ann Sinsheimer teaches legal writing. In addition to her interest in writing, her research interests include international legal education and the study of law and language. She also co-teaches a course at the law school entitled "U.S. Law and Language," a summer intensive program for international lawyers, and has had the opportunity to teach this course overseas in places such as Ethiopia, Serbia, Belgium, and Iceland.
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Teresa Kissane Brostoff

Teresa Kissane Brostoff is Professor and Director of Legal Writing. She teaches Legal Analysis and Writing to first year students, and researches, writes, and speaks on legal writing pedagogy. In addition, she teaches about common law and its reasoning to international graduate law students in a summer course, U.S. Law and Legal Language. She and Ann Sinsheimer have written a textbook on this subject. She has taught about U.S. law in Serbia, Kosovo, Iceland, Poland, Ukraine, Japan, Belgium, Ethiopia, Bahrain, Oman and the United Arab Emirates under the auspices of either the U.S. government or as a Fulbright Scholar. Professor Brostoff has been a Fulbright Senior Specialist Peer Reviewer and is presently on the roster of Fulbright Senior Specialists.

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Nancy M. Burkoff

Professor Nancy Burkoff teaches Legal Analysis & Writing to first year students and Advanced Legal Writing to upper level students at the University of Pittsburgh School of Law. She also teaches an Introduction to U.S. Legal Reasoning to international students in the Pitt Law LL.M. program. Professor Burkoff has had the opportunity to lecture on U.S. common law legal reasoning and comparative legal education in Spain and Turkey.
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