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Subject Area: Federal Courts

Doernberg and Lee's Federal Courts: A Contemporary Approach, 5th

By: Don L. Doernberg, Evan Tsen Lee
ISBN: 9780314283689

The new interactive casebook format of this edition is designed to promote active reading. By putting brief explanatory or background material and thought-stimulating questions within the opinions themselves, the book engages readers intellectually at just the moment they are most open to it. Asking a question while students are reading the case (instead of exclusively in the notes and questions that follow each case) can prompt students to read the remainder of the opinion differently from the way they otherwise would have, with greater understanding. Hyperlinks to other cases and to secondary sources make it much easier for students to delve further into the topic, increasing the likelihood that they will do so. More active reading will likely lead to better and livelier class discussion.

The text is largely structured as before, but offers new teaching/learning possibilities because of the interactive features. There has been major restructuring of Chapters 1 (Justiciability) and 11 (Habeas Corpus) to make them more teachable. Chapter 3 reflects changes in the Court's approach to federal-question jurisdiction, with Merrell Dow fading into the background, replaced by Grable and Gunn v. Minton. The text also includes the two significant standing cases decided at the very end of the October 2012 Term: Hollingsworth v. Perry and Windsor v. United States.

Sample Materials and Supplements:
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More About The Authors
Don L. Doernberg

Don L. Doernberg is Professor of Law at Pace Law School. He has written extensively concerning the subject matter jurisdiction of the federal courts and has chaired the Association of American Law Schools' Section on Federal Courts and continues to serve as Secretary of the Section.
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Evan Tsen Lee

Evan Tsen Lee is Professor at the University of California, Hastings College of the Law. He is the author of Judicial Restraint in America (Oxford University Press) and many articles on federal courts jurisprudence. The Hastings students have voted him Professor of the Year five times.
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